What’s a Good Gift to buy a Walker or Runner?

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Serious runners and walkers (people who do this multiple times a week) typically enjoy the basics like running socks, gloves and hats (specifically made for running), a breathable outdoor wind-breaker (shell) designed for running, wind-pants, or a nice running watch are always welcome.

However I personally don’t recommend buying someone walking or running shoes. This is a personal item, different for every person, and need to be tried on and tested at the store. Also, avoid purchasing items like jackets, sweatshirts, and sweatpants made from cotton or not designed for running and walking.

A running journal, diary or logbook (all of which are in Weightmania) are also a good idea. They can be very motivational and really help when running and walking over long periods. Government studies also show keeping a journal makes you twice as likely to reach goals (like placing in a road race, losing weight, and improving times).

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