A fitness app for Windows & Mac

Track workouts, nutrition, weight loss & more.

For individuals, groups, schools & personal trainers.

30 tools. Track up to 120 things.



Record detailed information about workouts, meals, measurements, general health, and more. Supports any diet or workout plan.



Track and analyze your progress, judge the effectiveness of diets and workouts, and reach goals sooner. Includes graphs, charts, calendars, statistics, and reports.



Assess your fitness with 12 calculators including BMI, BMR, body fat, target-weight, calories burned, splits, one-repetition max weight, and more.

Paige Waehner, Certified personal trainer and fitness author.Weightmania offers a lot bang for your buck…it allows you to track every aspect of your workouts from pace and distance to water intake and cadence. You can also track meals, general medical info and you can even upload pictures of yourself. The best thing about this updated version are the calculators including body fat, BMI, BMR, calories and more. A great investment!

– Paige Waehner
About.com Exercise Guide
Certified personal trainer and fitness author


About Weightmania

Weightmania is fitness and nutrition software that tracks and analyzes workouts, meals, measurements, health information and progress. In a “best of both worlds” approach, this app combines the quality of a native desktop application and modern, cloud-services. With 30 tools, including 12 fitness calculators, 40,000 foods, maps (to map outdoor runs and walks), and the ability to track 120 details daily, it’s the one of the most comprehensive fitness apps on the market.

It supports any type of cardio and weight training, and accommodates any workout or diet plan. Track detailed information about strength and cardio workouts, meals, measurements, weight loss, health (diabetes, cholesterol, sleep and blood pressure) and much more. Map running and cycling routes on or off-road, visualize progress, judge the effectiveness of diets and workouts, and reach goals sooner.

For individuals, businesses and groups. Weightmania is used in 55 countries by fitness centers, schools, corporate wellness programs, the military, personal trainers, athletes, coaches and anyone who wants a detailed fitness tracking solution. Businesses can add private labeling and branding (such as logos, custom photos, colors and slogans) and distribute the cloud version to users at no charge. Track one to an unlimited number of people.

Weightmania is a desktop app that securely stores data in the cloud (online) for easy access and sharing. You can install it on an unlimited number of Windows and Mac computers. As long as you have Internet, you can reach your data anywhere.

Engineering makes a difference. Weightmania was designed and developed locally (not outsourced) and we continuously update and re-designed them to keep pace with rapidly changing technology, make improvements and support the latest research. For example, the nutrition journal was designed in partnership with the University of Connecticut Human Performance Lab (recognized worldwide for exercise kinesiology and nutrition), while the exercise section is based on input from athletes, trainers and coaches nationwide.

Based on years of experience. This is a re-boot of an app we launched 15 years ago, when there were only a few commercial fitness apps on the market. It was one of the first to include a large food database, offer an adaptive food search, map runs without GPS, and track details like weather, splits and cadence (the number of revolutions of the crankset per minute when cycling). Unlike most competing apps, our engineering, sales and support staff, have strong backgrounds in both fitness and software. For example, the company founder and president has 30 years of long-distance running experience (including eight years of varsity track), a degree in computer science, and 25 years of experience developing software. This is reflected in our products, services and support.

Money-back guarantee, free support and free trial.  We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee and free, unlimited, U.S. based technical support by email. You can also download a free trial prior to ordering. Our trials install on any computer and do not require an email address, credit card or any personal information. Experience the difference!

Weightmania took years to develop.


Trackable items




Fitness calculators


Food database

Primary tools

Weightmania’s interface is jam-packed with tools…We are particularly impressed with its nutrition search; just enter a food and a list of matches from its database detailing the item’s calories, sugars, vitamins, and nutrients is given. Fitness buffs will appreciate this program’s elaborate approach for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

– CNET Software Editor
Health and nutrition software review



Records daily workouts, meals, measurements, photos, general and medical information.



Calculates statistics for over 100 fields (minimums, maximums, averages, totals and counts) for individuals and groups.



Map your running, walking, cycling and hiking routes. By drawing your route on a standard or aerial photo map, you can see exactly how far you went in miles or kilometers. Map routes anywhere, on or off-road without GPS.



Displays information and progress by month or  year; color- coded by workout and activity type.



Create comprehensive reports with up to 120 fields recorded in the journal for any date range; print or export in plain text, HTML or PDF format.



Powerful search finds information fast; searches every available field in any date range instantly. For example, find every day in the journal where you ran more than 5 miles, entered specific notes or ate a particular food.



View progress on multiple charts; features five types of graphs, data smoothing and zoom.



Displays up to 50 nutrients in any food; searches our large food database and lets you analyze detailed macro and micronutrients.

Special tools

I spend more time on the computer than I do on the roads, so I’ve seen plenty of training sites and sampled far too many software packages. Most of them are either exercise logs, with nutrition as one of several features, or nutrition-based, with an exercise log added on…I like the Weightmania package which offers the best balance of exercise and nutrition…

– Runner’s World Magazine
Fitness gear reviewer


Recipe manager

Organize and store an unlimited number of recipes. Each recipe includes directions, preparation time, total time, number of servings, a one to five star rating, detailed nutrition information and digital photos. Arrange, label, rotate, resize and print any image. Cut, copy and paste a single recipe or an entire collection.


Equipment manager

Track and organize your training equipment. Know when it’s time to replace running shoes, bicycle tires and clothing. Stores the name of each item, initial use date, a detailed description and photos. By tracking equipment used in each workout, the statistics tool will calculate minimum, maximum, average, number of uses, total use-time and total distance for any date range. Great for tracking mileage on running shoes.


Grocery list manager

Create and store a detailed grocery shopping list. Recorddescription, quantity and price for each item. Automatically calculates the total cost. Helps you eat better and save time at the supermarket. Print details for one item or a complete shopping list you can take to the store. It even tracks coupons.


Route manager

Organize your running, cycling and walking routes. Stores the name of each course or route, distance, a detailed description, digital photos and maps. Arrange, label, rotate, resize and print any image. Anytime you record a cardio workout, select the route name from a list to automatically fill in fields and save time.


Web link manager

Manage your favorite fitness and health related web links. Stores the name of each link, a detailed description and its URL. Display any web page, video or online document in one click. Keeps all your fitness links in one place and stores more detail than most web browsers. Easily share links with other people.

12 fitness calculators

Unbelievably Comprehensive! I just started using this software and I am stunned at how much I can track with it and how much I can customize the program to fit my own personal plan. Whatever you want to track, it IS possible. I have already recommended this software to several friends and will continue to recommend it for those interested in health and fitness. This is even BETTER than five stars!

– H. Husman


Body fat

Calculates body fat percentage, then automatically interprets the result and tells how you rate. Includes one version that requires no special tools (only a simple tape measure) and a second for calipers. Uses Jackson-Pollock and Siri equations plus formulas developed by the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force and American Council on Exercise.



Calculates body mass index (a widely accepted measurement of weight status). Automatically interprets the result and tells how you rate.



Calculates basal metabolic rate (the number of calories your body burns while at rest).


Calories burned

Calculates calories burned for hundreds of different activities, for any amount of time and body weight.


Calories required

Calculates the number of calories you need daily, based on your age, weight, gender and activity level.


Target heart rate

Calculates the range your heart rate should be in during cardio. workouts for maximum safety and benefits.


Distance, time, pace, speed

Calculates distance, time, pace and speed after cardiovascular workouts; can also be used for planning and estimating workouts.



Calculates splits for any distance or interval; ideal for race planning or anytime you want to maintain an even pace during training.


Math and conversion

42-key calculator for basic and advanced calculations; performs a wide range of conversions between metric and English.


Heart rate timer and calculator

Helps you calculate resting heart rate. Heart rate can be used to evaluate your health and fitness level. Includes a large, scientifically accurate 2-minute, 1-minute, 30-second and 15-second count-down timer. Makes it easy to regularly check heart rate at home.


One-rep maximum weight

Calculates your one-repetition maximum weight (“one rep- max”), and 20 percentages of that weight, for any weight training exercise. This is widely used to measure overall strength and determine how much weight to use in many weight training programs.


Target weight

Calculates the number of calories you need to consume or burn daily to reach a weight goal by a specific date. Helps you lose or gain weight. Just enter a weight and select a target date (it will also suggest a safe date). For increased accuracy, calculations are based on BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). This is calculated automatically using your age, gender, current weight and activity level.

Full feature list

For people serious about fitness.