How Much Weight Can you Lose by Burning 1200 Calories in a Workout?

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Unfortunately, if you just did this for one workout on one day, you likely won’t see any noticeable change in your weight. However if you can burn an extra 500 calories every day, then you should lose approximately one to two pounds a week.

Since a pound is generally equal to 3,500 stored calories, it can reasonably take up to two months to safely lose 10-16 pounds. Note, it can also take just as long to lose the weight as it does to put it on.

Rather than burning over a thousand calories in one workout, a less intense workout that you can regularly do several times a week, over a long period of time is typically better. You’ll also need to vary your workout and routine, because as your body adapts (and gets better at doing the workout), the same workout will burn fewer calories.

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