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iPhone Calculators Box Shot

"12 Calculators"

• 12 most popular, professional fitness calculators
• Available in English and Spanish
• For iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

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12 Fitness Calculators App Store

"12 Calculators" (formerly Weightmania Pro Calculators) is an iPhone app with the 12 most widely used (and most popular) fitness calculators. Based on Weightmania Pro, our best selling fitness and nutrition software for 11 years.

Includes Body mass index (BMI), basal metabolic rate (BMR), body fat (percent), calories burned for hundreds of activities, calories required daily, distance-time-pace-speed (for cardio exercise), math + Metric to English conversion, one-repetition maximum weight (1 rep. max.) for weight training, a resting heart rate calculator and timer, splits (for running, walking, cycling), target heart rate (ideal heart rate to maximize exercise), and a target weight calculator (for weight loss or gain). The target weight calculator tells you how many calories you need to consume dailly to reach a weight goal by a specific date. All calculators support Metric and English, and store your last settings (age, weight, height, gender, selections, preferences and more).

The best diet, cardio and weight training tools, designed with the most accurate formulas available from the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Amercian Council on Exercise, American College of Sports Medicine, and the Amercian Heart Association. Monitor your health and fitness, improve your workouts, and judge the effectiveness of diets and exercise. For home users and professionals.

"All the calculators you'll need for exercise and weight loss in one package, ready in one tap."
–Steve K., Chicago, Illinois

"An easy way to plan workouts and measure progress on the iPhone."
–Michael P., Miami, Florida

"The best tool I've seen for calculating target weight and calories burned on my iPhone."
–Karen G., Santa Cruz, California

12 Fitness Calculators in One Place, Instantly Ready... [6 Sample Screens]

iPhone Calories Burned Calculator iPhone Math and Conversion Calculator iPhone Target Weight Calculator
     Calories Burned Calculator Math & Conversion Calculator Target Weight Calculator       
iPhone Calories Burned Calculator iPhone Calories Burned Calculator iPhone Calories Burned Calculator
    Percent Body Fat Calculator Heart Rate Timer & Calculator Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator  

Description of Calculators

body fat calculator Body fat Calculates % body fat accurately and fast with no special tools; automatically interprets the result and tells how you rate.
bmi calculator BMI Calculates body mass index (a widely accepted measurement of weight status); automatically interprets result and tells how you rate.
bmr calculator BMR Calculates basal metabolic rate (the number of calories your body burns while at rest).
calories burned calculator Calories burned Calculates calories burned for 240 different activities, for any amount of time and body weight.
calories required calculator Required daily calories Calculates the number of calories you need daily, based on your age, weight, gender and activity level.
target heart rate calculator Target heart rate Calculates the range your heart rate should be in during cardio. workouts for maximum safety and benefits.
distance, time, pace and speed calculator Distance, Time, Pace, Speed Calculates distance, time, pace and speed after cardiovascular workouts; can also be used for planning and estimating workouts.
splits calculator Splits Calculates splits for any distance or interval; ideal for race planning or anytime you want to maintain an even pace during training.
math and conversion calculator Math and Conversion 42-key calculator for basic and advanced calculations; performs a wide range of conversions between metric and English.
target heart rate timer and calculator Heart Rate Timer and Calculator Helps you calculate resting heart rate. Heart rate can be used to evaluate your health and fitness level. Includes a large, scientifically accurate 2 minute, 1-minute, 30-second and 15-second count-down timer. Makes it easy to regularly check heart rate at home.
one repetition max weight calculator One repetition maximum weight Calculates your one-repetition maximum weight ("one rep-max"), and 20 percentages of that weight, for any weight training exercise. This is widely used to measure overall strength and determine how much weight to use in many weight training programs.
target weight calculator Target Weight Calculator Calculates the number of calories you need to consume or burn daily to reach a weight goal by a specific date. Helps you lose or gain weight. Enter the amount of weight you want to lose or gain, then select a target date. You can also have it suggest a safe target date based on the weight entered. For increased accuracy, calculations are based on BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). This is calculated automatically using your age, gender, current weight and activity level.

Engineering Makes a Difference...

"12 Calculators" is based on Weightmania Pro (our best selling fitness application) and 11 years of experience developing fitness and nutrition software. We carefully researched each tool, used the most up-to-date and accurate mathematical formulas available, then designed (and redesigned) each screen to make them fast and simple to use. We finished by extensively testing this app. on a wide range of users including nurses, teachers, personal trainers and athletes. Look for several new features in our upcoming releases. All upgrades are free.

 Product Details
Version: 2.0
Platforms: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

iOS 5.0 or higher

Media: Download (from Apple ITunes Store)

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