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6 Free Online Fitness Tools and Calculators.

1. Food and nutrition search (lookup nutrients in food)
Map running, walking and cycling routes
Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator
Target heart rate calculator
Distance-time-pace-speed calculator
Body fat calculator

1. Free, Live Food and Nutrition Search (Lookup Nutrients in Food).

a. Enter Food (You only need to enter 2-3 letters in each word; enter words in any order. Example: app raw finds “raw apple”):

b. Select Match:

Nutrition Summary:
(Example: 0.5 for half; 2 for double)

2. Free Tool to map Running, Walking & Cycling Routes.

Map Your Runs for Free

Calculate running route distances on or off roads! More accurate than competing map sites. View standard, aerial and hybrid maps. Let's you plan routes and eliminates the need to carry expensive, bulky GPS devices. Note: To save routes, store workouts, and access maps for 200 countries, see Weightmania Pro Online.

This app requires the latest Java Plug-in.  Download it free from java.com.  For more information see trouble shooting... 
If prompted, click RUN or ALLOW.  App may take 1-2 minutes to load when first used or after update.

3. Free BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator.

This calculates your BMI. BMI helps determine the weight status of adults by measuring the ratio of weight compared to height. Enter your height and weight then select the Calculate button. For adults over age 20, a BMI less than 18.5 specifies you are underweight, anything between 18.5 and 24.9 is healthy, values between 25 and 29.9 mean you are overweight, and values greater than or equal to 30.0 indicate obesity. Note:  Athletes may have a higher than normal BMI due to muscle.

  Height:  feet Inches
  Weight: Pounds    
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4. Free Target Heart Rate Calculator.

This calculates your ideal heart rate (the range or zone where your heart rate should be) to maximize cardio workouts like running and cycling. Enter your age, specify the number of seconds, then select the Calculate button.

  Enter your age:        
  When exercising, your heart rate should be between
  and beats every seconds.
  It should not exceed .
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5. Free Distance, Time, Pace and Speed Calculator.

This calculates distance, time pace and speed. Use it to analyze and plan running, walking, cycling and swimming workouts. Enter any two values (distance, time or pace) then select the Calculate button. The two remaining fields will be calculated automatically.

Distance:     Time (H:M:S):    Pace (H:M:S):    Speed:
    : :   : :  
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6. Free Body Fat Calculator (U.S. Navy and Air Force).

This calculates your body fat percentage (the percentage of your weight which is a result of body fat). Provided you measure correctly, the formula is very accurate. Other than a simple tape measure, this calculator does not require any special tools (most body fat calculators require body fat calipers or other equipment). Enter the measurements below, then select the Calculate button. 

  Height: inches 
  Neck size at narrowest point: inches 
  Waist size at navel (men only): inches 
  Waist at narrowest point (women only):  inches 
  Hip size at widest point (women only): inches 
  % Body fat:  
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