Running is one of the best workouts you can do and our bodies are naturally designed to do it, but it's not easy getting started. Whether you're a beginner or trying to start again, here are eight suggested steps to begin.

1. Before and after any workout, you should take time to stretch out.
2. Start by walking or running a moderate one to three mile route. Try to run as much as you can, then walk the parts in between. Eventually you'll be able to run the entire route without stopping.
3. In the beginning, run for time not for distance. Try running for at least 20 minutes.
4. Select a good pace. When running, you should be able to pass the "talk test". This means if you can't talk, you're probably running to fast.
5. Try to run several times a week. It's better to do several short runs than one or two big runs every week.
6. Gradually increase the distances and difficulty of your runs. For example, you can run routes that include hills or increase the pace.
7. Be patient! It can take several weeks (or even months) to get in shape to run long distances.
8. Keep a log (like Weightmania Pro) and record your runs. Numerous studies show when you keep diary or journal, you're twice as likely to reach your goals, and it significantly reduces the time to reach them.

Note: Contrary to popular myth, running is not bad for your knees. While it's one of the first things people who don't run frequently say, recent results from longitudinal and cross-sectional studies tracking thousands of marathon runners over decades has proven otherwise.