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Thank you for your interest in reselling our products.

We pay 30 percent for each software application or subscription you resell (many popular affiliate programs pay only 1 to 5 percent). Do you have a blog or webite? You can participate by simply adding a buy button or link to any of your pages.

All you do is refer sales to us. We handle everything else including delivery (emailing the customer a download link), support, billing, product maintenance and development. To get started, just sign up for our affiliate program below.

What is an Affiliate Program?

It's a program where you resell another company's products and services for a commission. This is also known as revenue sharing. Resellers (known as "affiliates") are paid a percentage of sales revenue (excluding tax, shipping and other third party costs that the customer pays), for sales made through their own website, blog or marketing.

Products & Services You Can Resell

Weightmania Pro for Windows
Weightmania Pro for Mac
Weightmania Pro Online
Weightmania® Pro Weightmania® Pro Weightmania® Pro Online
Windows XP and Vista Windows Mac OS X Mac OS X Windows 7, Vista and XP Mac OS X  

2 versions, $59.95 and
$348.00 each

2 versions, $59.95 and
$348.00 each

1-Year Home Subscription $59.95 to
$99.95 each

Estimated Earnings

Weightmania Pro Windows & Mac Desktop Software:
Weightmania Pro (1 License): $59.95 x 30% = $17.98
Weightmania Pro (100 Licenses): ($59.95 x 100) x 30% = $1,798.50
Weightmania Pro (500 Licenses): ($59.95 x 500) x 30% = $8,992.50
Weightmania Pro (1,000 Licenses): ($59.95 x 1000) x 30% = $17,985.00
Note: An average gym or fitness facility has 1500 to 2000 members.

How Does it Work?

After you sign up, you will receive links (URLs) for each product or service you want to resell. Each link contains a unique ID for your company. Simply add them to your website or blog to start selling. You can also use them in emails too. To receive credit for a sale, buyers must use your link to make a purchase or subscribe to a service.

Or Sign Up With Our Affiliate Program

Note: Your privacy is important to us. We never sell or disclose email addresses or personal information. All applications are manually reviewed and subject to approval.

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